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Heart Break

I will miss you all!!!!!

Posted on 2008.10.05 at 11:01
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I haven't had an income for a while so the bills are piled up.  Good news is I have a job now, bad news I'm not going to get paid soon enough, or enough period, to keep my internet on past Friday.

I will have enough by the end of the month to get it back on, but I've decided to use the money to get glasses so I can get my Driver's License, and for my application to get my S.M.A.R.T Loan license.  With the money and independance those bring I will be able to get it back on in a month or so.

I WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!


Tim II (Omega II)



Posted on 2008.10.01 at 16:52
Current Mood: giddygiddy
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I just got a J-O-B to pay the bills!!!!
*Does the Dance of Joy*

And, re-posting a little meme for the sake of curiosity.

  • Think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me.
  • Go to Google Images and search for that word.
  • Reply to this post with one of the pictures on the first page of results.
  • Put this in your own journal so that I can do the same.

Posted on 2008.09.28 at 22:04
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Current Mood: amusedamused
Well, I have my Life Insurance Exam tomorrow, so I decided to relax with the old Slogan Generator.  For some reason I put in "Whore".

I'm not going to post the slogans here, but try it yourself.

Oh No!

Writer's Block: The Expendable Sense(s)

Posted on 2008.09.02 at 22:52
If you had to give up one of your five senses, which could you live without?
Taste.  With my allergies, I went without it for almost ten years and did OK.


Lookin' far a job...

Posted on 2008.09.01 at 18:19
Current Mood: deviousdevious
I've been looking for a job for a while, with no luck.  In this journey an odd thing happened.  I applied at a Subway down the street, last week, and got no word, so while I was walking by today I went in to ask what's going on.  Turns out the manager didn't want to hire me, because of my arthritis, but I actually managed to get her to give me a shot.  Basically, she is going to give me a two day try-out to see if I can do the job.  If it works out, then I will be put on the schedule.


What Have You Done?

Posted on 2008.07.15 at 02:48
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: What Have You Done? - Within Temptation
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Just a little something for TWOP's motivator thread.  My first song and I know a couple of pic choices could be better.

Not dial up friendly...Collapse )


The Get People to Watch Initiative

Posted on 2008.07.12 at 23:40
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Current Music: Eden-Sweet Devilry - Howling Syn
Someone made a good "10 reasons to watch" for The Middleman, and I thought I'd share.

10 Reasons

My reason 11 -
As much as I like a half naked woman on my TV, they don't do that on this show.  The women are not treated as sex objects.  To my knowledge, except for an upcoming Bond tribute episode, Natalie only shows a minimal amount of cleavage and bare legs, usually when just hanging out relaxing at home.

If you live in the US you can catch up on past couple of of episodes on the ABC Family site.  For those outside of US and for earlier eps, you can figure it out. *wink wink*


Doctor Who 4.13

Posted on 2008.07.05 at 22:01
Current Location: Anger Land
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Spoilers... arrh.Collapse )


Doctor Who 4.12 - Theories

Posted on 2008.06.28 at 19:54
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
These are just some musing after watching Stolen Earth.

There be spoilers here, arrrrg.Collapse )


Doctor Who 4.11

Posted on 2008.06.21 at 19:52
Current Mood: sleepysleepy

That was some darn fine cow squirt.Collapse )

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